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Eric Weiner


After sending that first call for help I spent several hours of testing and tweaking the CP5 and my home Wi-Fi network settings.  I found what seems to be a very stable solution. 

No offense was meant by the “toast” comment. It was simply that it had been working fine for several months, then starting 2 nights ago I couldn’t connect to either my home network or the CP5 access point no matter what I tried. There have been no changes to my home network, so it sure did manifest like it was Wi-Fi module failure. It wasn’t, and everything works great now. 

I shared my experience and settings with everyone since I’ve read on the boards about others who had similar, if not identical Wi-Fi connections issues with the Mach2 which A-P stated they were unable to recreate in the lab. 


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From your description it does not sound like the WiFi is toast.
Call George or Howard at AP and they can assist you in connecting to your WiFi.


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I've been using the CP5 Wi-Fi successfully for several months now.  My primary method of connectivity to my PC is serial over USB, but I always connect the CP5 to my home Wi-Fi network so I can simply control it via my iPhone using SkySafari Pro when I want.

Recently I was having issues connecting to my home network from my observing site which is less than 100 feet from the router.  I brought my Mach2 inside today to troubleshoot and was unsuccessful.  The CP5 Wi-Fi will not connect in station mode, or allow a connection as an access point.

With the mount 10 feet from the router it won't connect to my home Wi-Fi network (which is working); no IP or hostname shows up in APCC for Wi-Fi.  I've tired several antenna orientations.
I made a direct LAN connection to check the settings
The CP5 did connect to my home LAN network and populated the IP in APCC (still not Wi-Fi IP shown in APCC)
The CP5 would not connect to my home Wi-Fi network from the setting page (I confirmed the password is correct)
I started up the built in access point, connected, but could not join the access point network; all access point settings started out as OEM including the password
I tried several passwords, several power cycles, turning the Wi-Fi off and on, but even when the access point was created (sometimes it failed to even transmit the host name) I would get "Unable to join the network "GTOCP5_NET_102".

It sure seems like this Wi-Fi modules is toast.  Any ideas from users or A-P?


Roland Christen

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