Re: APPM with ASI6200 and TSX Imagelink - bogus image data

Ray Gralak

Hi Linwood,


I think your analysis is bad. If I load the image into CCDStack the image obviously is not all one level.




Here’s a screenshot:





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@Ray said:


  • I have no idea how you are taking your images but even a short duration image in daylight can max out the pixels.


Well, the lens cover was on.  But I'll do it at a wall in a fairly dark room at 0.01 seconds, so it will not be clipped.


  • The next step is for you to use the APCC Log Zipper and zip all of the APPM logs and a few of the "bad" FITS images. Then provide a dropbox, google drive, or other link to download it.


Sure.  I did these steps:


  • Started TSX, connected to ASCOM driver for ASI174MM Mini, took a 0.01s image (attached starting with TSX).
  • Closed TSX entirely
  • Opened APCC, APPM, verified I was connected to the same driver (I was, no change), set the exposure to 0.01s, took an image (attached named
  • Below are the statistics from Pixinsight of what should be basically the same image:


I ran the log zipper, selected the files from just this run, then added the images to the zip file.  It is here:


Also, in case it is not in the files, I am using:


Windows Pro vs 21H1 build 19043.1110

Ascom Platform 6.5 SP1

APCC V1.8.8.17

ZWO ASCOM Driver (just downloaded 2 days ago)

Intel NUC (genuine not knockoff) i5-8259U, 32gb memory, 500gb M.2 (half full or less)








Notice in particular the min/max/median are fractions.  They should not be if it’s downloading the raw data.




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