Re: Possible CP5 Wi-Fi module failure #WiFi

Roland Christen

From your description it does not sound like the WiFi is toast.
Call George or Howard at AP and they can assist you in connecting to your WiFi.


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Subject: [ap-gto] Possible CP5 Wi-Fi module failure #WiFi

I've been using the CP5 Wi-Fi successfully for several months now.  My primary method of connectivity to my PC is serial over USB, but I always connect the CP5 to my home Wi-Fi network so I can simply control it via my iPhone using SkySafari Pro when I want.

Recently I was having issues connecting to my home network from my observing site which is less than 100 feet from the router.  I brought my Mach2 inside today to troubleshoot and was unsuccessful.  The CP5 Wi-Fi will not connect in station mode, or allow a connection as an access point.

With the mount 10 feet from the router it won't connect to my home Wi-Fi network (which is working); no IP or hostname shows up in APCC for Wi-Fi.  I've tired several antenna orientations.
I made a direct LAN connection to check the settings
The CP5 did connect to my home LAN network and populated the IP in APCC (still not Wi-Fi IP shown in APCC)
The CP5 would not connect to my home Wi-Fi network from the setting page (I confirmed the password is correct)
I started up the built in access point, connected, but could not join the access point network; all access point settings started out as OEM including the password
I tried several passwords, several power cycles, turning the Wi-Fi off and on, but even when the access point was created (sometimes it failed to even transmit the host name) I would get "Unable to join the network "GTOCP5_NET_102".

It sure seems like this Wi-Fi modules is toast.  Any ideas from users or A-P?


Roland Christen

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