Re: Possible CP5 Wi-Fi module failure #WiFi

Eric Weiner

Rebooting the router was the first troubleshooting step I took.
I'm using three Orbi AC3000 which provides excellent coverage throughout my house and across my property.
These new router settings did the trick. The Wi-Fi connections to the CP5 are consistent, immediate, and solid now regardless of how I initialize the mount. 
A key indicator that I didn't pick up on these past few months is the signal strength meter on the CP5 settings page.  Before I made these changes the CP5 setting page showed my home Wi-Fi network listed, but the signal strength as "??."  I just assumed this was a function of having a mesh network, and not just a single router.  After making these changes it now shows a signal strength of -47dB at 50% Tx pwr (it was at -52dBm at 25% for reference).  
I can only hypothesize, but it sure seems like it was a matter of RF interference across the Wi-Fi channels I had selected for the CP5 and my router (both are set to Channel 1 now), too much throughput allowed on the mesh network (CTS/RTS at 500 vs 2346), and perhaps too much power out at my mesh transmitters (50% vs 100% now).  

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