Re: APPM with ASI6200 and TSX Imagelink - bogus image data

Thanks Ray, but I remain confused.


I did exactly that with TSX, set up the camera simulator after saving a M31 image from last night resampled to a third size to stay under the limit.  It worked fine, I can “take” an image with TSX.  I did an all sky image link against that simulated image and it found it, and had the right image scale (4.2).  No issues.


I disconnected the simulated camera from TSX (leaving it running for imagelink), opened APPM and added the simulated camera in the same way, the settings were already there (but I checked).   It then won’t actually expose, saying that 3192, which is the image width, is invalid for “StartExposureNumX” whatever that is (second screen shot below).  I also tried doing a “run” just to see, and got the same result on the first point then stopped it.


But do you see anything I am doing wrong?  How can TSX work, but APPM not, if it’s all just the ascom driver?   I turned on ascom logging and did it in both APPM and TSX and the separate logs are attached, if it gives a clue.


I guess the simple thing is to do it all through TSX until I can do it through NINA.  Then I can use native drivers.


Mostly was curious if any other users actually had made the ASI6200MM work.  I’m sure struggling now that I’ve entered the 32 bit world.  😊




PS. I just saw Bill’s note, he does it through the TSX camera also.




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