Re: APPM with ASI6200 and TSX Imagelink - bogus image data

Ray Gralak

Hi Linwood,


APPM just displays whatever is provided to it via the ASI ASCOM driver.


Have you tried using APPM with the ASCOM Camera V2 Simulator? You can supply a jpeg image to be displayed. Then in APPM issue a Plate Solve to test the output. The goal of this is just to see if APPM can properly display an image from the baseline Camera V2 Simulator. If it can, the problem you are seeing is likely with the camera settings, the ASI camera driver, or some hardware issue.


Here’s a screenshot with the “flow” to setup to test APPM:





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Sent: Sunday, August 1, 2021 2:00 PM
Subject: [ap-gto] APPM with ASI6200 and TSX Imagelink - bogus image data


I'm confused.  I have an ASI6200MM.  I have the latest ASCOM drivers installed.  I realize APPM is 32 bit and so struggles, so I have it set to bin 2, subframe 1/2x1/2 center.  If I don't use a subframe and bin 3 (the max it allows) I get an Expose Failed.  With bin 2 and 1/2x1/2 it exposes, but... 

The resulting exposure has DN's of 32767.  Every pixel is 32767, min, max, etc.   So it's clearly bogus.  Is there any magic I may be missing?  See ASCOM settings below (there's no native driver I think).  Note I've tried USB 40 and 100 (100 works fine with other programs). 

I'm finding the image in c:\users\ferguson\documents\Astro-Physics\APPM, and I've viewed it in Pixinsight to double check.  I've done it both on "run" and "platesolve" now. 

I connected the same way to the camera feature in TSX with the same driver and got an image. 

What am I missing? 

Should I be using the TSX Camera from APPM?   I think I can do that (and yes, just tried, I get an image).  Is that the proper way?

But should it work as set up below?   I was trying to avoid TSX's camera just because one less thing but lacking another solution will try that next time.


PS. Log segment below it, no error from the exposure. 

0000006 2021-08-01 16:41:04.066:       Info,  Connect Driver, AP V2 Driver Version: 5.30.0010, Result: OK

0000007 2021-08-01 16:41:06.001:       Info,  Connect Camera, ASCOM Camera ASCOM.ASICamera2.Camera:, Result: OK

0000008 2021-08-01 16:42:27.498:       Info,   State Machine, Entering State=StartPlateSolveNow

0000009 2021-08-01 16:42:27.582:       Info,   State Machine, StartPlateSolveNow via SkyXPro ImageLink: Starting Exposure=2

0000010 2021-08-01 16:42:27.601:       Info,  StartTakeImage, ASCOM Camera: Binning=2, Subframe Type: 1, Duration=2, IsDarkFrame=False

0000011 2021-08-01 16:42:28.319:       Info,   State Machine, Entering State=WaitPlateSolveNow

0000012 2021-08-01 16:42:31.099:       Info,   State Machine, WaitPlateSolveNow: Exposure Done. Saving to: C:\Users\ferguson\Documents\Astro-Physics\APPM\


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