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Roland Christen

Homing is an effective tool for remote operation. Of course if you are there next to the mount you can fix any anomaly like a wrong sync by simply moving the mount manually to your favorite park position and then starting the next session from that park position. Homing is not needed if you do that. Remote operation is not hands-on and needs a way to home if the mount is lost.

You actually do not ever need to park the mount. You can turn the power off any place in the sky. When you resume the next session, the mount will know exactly where it is because the encoders are absolute (as long as the clutches are never moved because the encoders on the 1100 are not attached to the clutches). Simply unpark the mount from its present position. I do this all the time and most often never really park the mount.


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- I remain baffled by the whole concept of home, find home,
  • Homing is only needed if you do an improper sync/recal on a wrong object and thus get the mount lost. For instance, if you put Vega in the center of your field but sync on Deneb, then you have told the mount a lie and it will be lost for any subsequent slews. each slew depends on the last position. If you get the mount lost, simply send it Home. It will go to the park3 position and recalibrate itself.
OK.  I did that.  I can see that it sort of worked (3D is still wacky), but… is it just a more convenient form of Park/unPark?
I.e. if I park-3 it, make sure it is in that orientation, and unpack – is that any different?
Or is one gross using just human alignment (i.e. if I am placing it there) and the other uses the encoders?
This isn’t keeping me from making it all work, it seems to just do the right thing with what I have done so far.  I just am trying to understand all the tools and settings.
Oh… any reason why 3D is hosed?  I unparked from Park-2 a bit ago, I can visually see the scope is still pointing basically due east at the horizon (tracking for a few minutes).  The A/A on the position seems to agree.  Why is the 3D model so wrong?
PS. About 60% overcast but I have it set up and leveled and waiting for dark to give it the first run.  Hoping I get a few stars.

Roland Christen

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