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Roland Christen

How is that different from just parking to a known park position and unparking?
Unparking does not recalibrate the mount. Homing recalibrates the mount and clears your errant syncs/recals so that the mount is not permanently lost. Parking it won't do that. In fact, if your sync is off by 3 hours in RA, then all parks will also e off by 3 hours. Home, on the other hand will be dead nuts on.


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  • Homing returns the mount to a known position in the event it gets lost. IIRC it also clears any recent recal data. You can set the home position as you see fit (I use park 3) and if the mount ever gets lost for whatever reason you can press home and it will return to that position (park 3 in my case).
How is that different from just parking to a known park position and unparking?
  • The encoders are best suited to having the model running, but technically speaking they will still function without it.
So my main reason for getting encoders was to better battle wind – during dry season here, it is often more windy, and I was losing lots of subs as the wind went from, say, 3mph to 8mph.  I know there’s no complete solution for wind, but I understood AE’s would help a lot.  Hope that’s true?
  • This is where he users get confused. Models are NOT only useful for observatories. Smaller models can be used quite effectively for the backyard or mobile imager. For a single night of imaging I probably wouldn't build one, but for anything more than one night, I do. Getting APPM runs comfortably into your workflow will only help you get the most out of your investment.
OK.  Agreed.  But does that affect how they work for wind?
  • If you're properly PA'd and recal with solving (APPM is configured to do this for you by default) the 3D model should work perfectly fine.
I don’t understand how the mount can slew to the right position in the sky (in daylight, so “right” here means “by eye right direction”) but the 3D model shows it grossly off, maybe even upside down type wrong.  The good news is the mount is right, I just don’t know where I’m going wrong to confuse the 3D model.
When I say “slew to the right position” I mean I use NINA, pick a star that’s high in daylight, and do a slew.  The mount looks like it is in the right position and pointing to where the star would be.  Clearly it has not been sync’d to a plate solve.

Roland Christen

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