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Roland Christen

- I remain baffled by the whole concept of home, find home,
Homing is only needed if you do an improper sync/recal on a wrong object and thus get the mount lost. For instance, if you put Vega in the center of your field but sync on Deneb, then you have told the mount a lie and it will be lost for any subsequent slews. each slew depends on the last position. If you get the mount lost, simply send it Home. It will go to the park3 position and recalibrate itself.

There is one caveat. This only works if you operate the mount in clutchless mode (never loosening the clutches and moving it manually). If you do decide to use the clutches, you can re-establish Home by manually moving the mount to Park3 positions and then sending a command to establish this as Home. Home can be established using APCC. Or you can enter the "set home command" manually.


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Still haven't gotten it outside. Tonight looks iffy. Testing indoors, some questions if someone has patience with a newbie: 

- I remain baffled by the whole concept of home, find home, "correctly calibrated with the sky" (for 3D view).  If I unpark from a known position, I apparently am not calibrated?  Or does it need at least one plate solve and sync?  And most advice about AE seems to be "leave it turned on, done".  But what's the whole "FIND HOME" for, which seems to require a Configure home, which seems to require an APPM run.  So do I need an APPM model for AE's?  Or maybe more basically what's Find Home for, and do I need it?  (On advice of another I was just ignoring APPM for now).  I should note that the 3D view frequently comes up wildly wrong, even though everything else looks perfect, so I think I am doing something wrong in this regard.  (I just read the APCC manual a 2nd time, and this aspect and AE differences is still opaque to me). 

- I looked with pempro and there is a PE curve loaded.  This is an AE mount. I have PEM off (based on the label).  Is that right, that the curve is there only if you turn off the AE's? 

- I loaded a custom horizon (had one in TSX) and that worked fine, but it doesn't seem associated with the site.  Am I understanding correctly, you need to manage horizons separately from sites? 

- The ASCOM V2 "configure now" button seems to take all your changes including current site into the (apparently otherwise independent) driver info like site.  It is not taking elevation, it leaves it unchanged.  Small bug?   Doesn't matter for me, I live in Flatland, everything's basically zero.  Unless I'm doing something more fundamental wrong?  My thinking is that basically you set everything in APCC and never in the ASCOM driver itself, it just flows from APCC, is that right in general?

On the good side, I set up for a realistic meridian flip in NINA using a daytime target, and it counted down, flipped perfectly on the first try. I'm loving how things just plain work, and yes, I'm probably overthinking some of these things (again), but you know -- cloudy nights, got to do something.  I've re-dressed the cables on the tripod now until they are way too pretty.  :) 

If the clouds continue I may have to start polishing the counterweights.  :( 


Roland Christen

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