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Roland Christen

Even for non-encoder 1100 mounts you should balance both RA and Dec. No need for east heavy on RA. Both axes have spring loaded worm mesh, so you won't gain anything from unbalance. Dec unbalance will produce more delay in reversal due to higher static friction, so again it is best to balance the Dec axis well.


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I have a non AE 1100GTO.  Based on supposed 'best practices', I have always left a slight imbalance of East heavy in RA, and 'camera heavy' in Dec.  However this practice was likely intended for mounts with considerably more backlash than an AP mount.  If I'm interpreting your post correctly, Dec should be as close to perfectly balanced as possible.  Does that hold for both AE and non-AE mounts?  Also should I continue to use slightly East heavy in RA, or should that be as close to perfectly balanced as well?


Roland Christen

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