Re: Physical handling questions (AP1100)

Roland Christen

No need to unlock gear mesh or loosen clutches. Just leave it fully set up and go ahead and move it.


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@Ken Kirkley wrote:
  • Linwood
  • You're overthinking this.
It wouldn’t be the first time. My only defense is that overthinking is usually better than under.  😊
  • Your AP mount is rugged.
    Transporting it as you do there is no damage to anything.
    Sure, if the tripod and mount tumbled off the hand truck onto concrete
    there is the possibility of damage but even then, scratches more than anything.
    Enjoy your mount.
That’s encouraging.  Thank you.
@Ben Lutch
  • Fwiw, I use JMI Wheeley Bars to move my AP1200 setup (which carries a 6" - 10" refractor depending on the season, so it's pretty loaded up) in and out and all set up with wiring, scope and all the fixings. 
And do you just leave the gear mesh and clutches locked down?   And thanks, good to know.
@Don Anderson
  • Don't worry about it! The mount can be moved as you show.
Excellent, I’m glad there seems to be an immediate consensus.  Now can you guys just wish away the clouds that are forming.  😊
Thanks all.

Roland Christen

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