Re: AP1100 coming, least hassle plate solver?


On Fri, Jul 30, 2021 at 04:07 PM, Peter Nagy wrote:
Voyager can use native QHY and ASI camera drivers. I use native QHY driver with Voyager using QHY600M camera without issues.
Yes, I've used Voyager with the ASI camera driver too.  But APCC/APPM can't.  At this time, it can only use a native camera driver accessed through SGP,  TSX, Maxim DL, etc., and soon NINA.  The ASI ASCOM driver is the only one they both can use.

I can still use Voyager with the ASI driver, but when the time comes I will just use the ASCOM driver with APPM for a point mapping run.  I'm going to do some tests to see what the difference in performance will be.


P.S. I hope I've understood everyone's posts until now. :}

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