Re: AP1100 coming, least hassle plate solver?

Dale Ghent

On Jul 30, 2021, at 15:32, Brian Valente <> wrote:

cameras can connect to only one application at a time.
I may not understand this comment fully, but multilple apps can connect to a camera simultaneously with ASCOM drivers (and presumably Indi). I connect camera to multiple applications all the time.

only one app can use the camera at a time, maybe that's what you mean?

A clarification - yes, multiple apps can access a camera through an ASCOM driver, as the ASCOM driver acts as the arbiter, or proxy, for all client applications that want to talk to the device (mount, camera, etc.). In the example of doing things with APPM and your chosen astrophoto app, both APPM and SGPro/Maxim/NINA/Voyager/whatever else would connect through the camera's own ASCOM driver.

That is all fine and dandy until you want to connect to the camera directly from an application, bypassing ASCOM, such as in the case where the app has a "native" driver for the camera. The reasons for wanting to do this are compelling - the speed of the frame download almost always remarkably higher, and one gets access to camera controls and telemetry that aren't available via ASCOM's defined interfaces.

But this means, generally, that other apps - including the camera's own ASCOM driver - cannot also connect to the camera at the same time as the app with the native driver. This means that the app now needs to offer a way for other apps to control the camera through it. Several astrophoto apps have APIs that allow this to happen, it's just that /other/ apps need to be able to talk to these various APIs. APPM (as of 1.9) grew that ability for NINA's API in addition to its already existing abilities to talk to the API for SGPro, Maxim, and other apps that you see listen under the Camera device dropdown in APPM.

What this means is that, with 1.9, one doens't have to manually disconnect the camera in NINA to then use it under ASCOM in APPM, then when that's done, disconnect the camera in APPM (under ASCOM) and then reconnect to it in NINA using the native driver. Eliminating this dance of who-is-connect-via-what with APPM now allows for the kind of point mapping automation that I've talked about in previous posts.

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