Re: AP1100 coming, least hassle plate solver?

Linwood Ferguson

>>> cameras can connect to only one application at a time.


>> I may not understand this comment fully, but multilple apps can connect to a camera simultaneously with  ASCOM drivers (and presumably Indi). I connect camera to multiple applications all the time.


>> only one app can use the camera at a time, maybe that's what you mean?

Well, I learned something new.


In my case the camera includes a focuser and a filter wheel.  Those are accessed by COMx devices (in windows), and those can only be used by one program at a time, so that is likely where I got the impression, as when I change use of the camera I also include the focuser and filter wheel.  In some cases that might not be necessary, but TSX in particular automagically connects those three things as a unit when you connect the camera (at least by default).


Sorry for the confusion.  Then I’m not sure how NINA helps the APPM process, I thought I know, apparently wrong.


Guess 1.9 will let me understand it all.    Hopefully soon.



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