Re: AP1100, Berlebach Planet, mounting CP4

Wow, I sure missed an obvious solution.


@Peter Nagy “Never leave RAPAS into the mount after finishing polar alignment. I guarantee you at least one of the cables will get caught.”


@Woody Schlom “I just remove the RAPAS after PA.  Cables want to hang up on it anyway.


@fernandorivera3 “There is absolutely no reason to keep the RAPAS permanently attached to the mount. It is only used for initial polar alignment & once done with the fine tuning/tweaking it is put away until the next session.

@M Hambrick “I agree with all of the comments about the RAPAS. Do not leave it attached.”


OK… I admit to a brain failure of some sort, it just never occurred to me that this was intended as an in-and-out device. I also read two lines in the manual badly, and they left me with the impression it was left in:


even if the polar scope is removed at the end of a session and replaced at the next session.” (note “end of session), and then I MIS-read:


Important Reminder: The RAPAS Adapter must always remain attached to the scope.”  As saying the RAPAS must remain attached, but it goes on to say “Only the RAPAS itself, is removed”.  Clearly it is referring to a change to other mount types and placement of a special adapter that should not be removed.  Forgot high school test taking 101 –read the whole question.


Enough excuses: It’s obvious in retrospect it can just come off.  Though I do worry about daily use and the relatively small threads on the holes, but I’ll cross that bridge if it becomes an issue.


One small suggestion – if Astro-Physics is reading: – I had read and in some cases printed these manuals ahead of time, and did not until now look at the instruction sheets in the box.  The one online is from 2017.  The one in the box is from 2019, and in big bold print at the top it says “USE IT AND REMOVE IT” that is not on the online copy.  Please consider updating the online manual with the new text for those who try to get a head start.  (Link is mid-page on “tech_support” page under Mount Accessories, Instructions”).


Anyway…. Back to:


@M Hambrick said: “Back to the topic of whether you should orient the tripod with the 3rd leg pointed south, I would caution you not to do this.”


Sorry, I thought I was clear, I tried, it will clearly be a tip over risk with the AP1100.  I agree completely.  What I was trying to convey is the REASON it is a tip over risk is that the mount extends further out (than the MyT) and that also is the reason that there is no need to reverse – the additional extension away from the center of gravity also provides plenty of leg clearance (in either orientation).  Net good thing.  I guess I would say a bad thing on the MyT that its design exacerbates leg crashes in the conventional CW-over-one-leg orientation.  No issue, was just a (convoluted) comment.


As to play in the mount holes, I will keep an eye out for movement there, but it seems reasonably snug so far but indeed the thru holes are quite a bit larger than the screws. Thanks for the photos and pointer.  That shift would occur regardless of leg placement.


Anyway… mostly wanted to provide a followup, and a head’s up to anyone mounting on Berlebach’s base – it’s a great, well made, heavy duty base – but the added wall thickness needs to be accommodated with some different hardware.




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