Re: AP1100, Berlebach Planet, mounting CP4

M Hambrick

Hi Linwood

I agree with all of the comments about the RAPAS. Do not leave it attached. You can do your polar alignment from Park 2 even with the scope attached, but after you have aligned the mount you should remove the RAPAS, otherwise you will be sending it back to A-P for repair or replacement.

Back to the topic of whether you should orient the tripod with the 3rd leg pointed south, I would caution you not to do this. Once you get the scope and counterweights attached, the center of gravity is going to be out beyond the edge of the mount base. It will be unstable.

I will share an experience I had with my 1100 GTO with a 180 EDT scope attached. The mounting holes in my old 8-inch A-P pier are slightly oversized, and I noticed one evening that after the scope and counterweights were installed that the mount base had shifted in the pier. The problem was that once the scope and counterweights were attached, the center of gravity had shifted out beyond the north side of the mount base and was trying to tip the mount and scope out of the pier. The excess clearance in the screw holes had allowed everything to shift even with the screws fully tightened. Take a look at the pictures below. In the picture on the left you can see that the base of the mount was tilted by about 1/16".

I was able to solve this problem by switching to high performance lock washers, but the point is that if you do not have the 3rd tripod leg facing north, your whole rig is liable to tip over.



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