Re: M27 OSC and Mono combined

Robert Chozick

I would be glad to look at it. 


On Jul 28, 2021, at 3:02 PM, Alex <alex@...> wrote:

Thanks for the links, very helpful and nice images. Also, thanks for the info on the camera sensors.
The difference between 14 and 16 bit is 16384 to 65536. Therefore, the 2600 does have an advantage over the 2400. Not sure how much difference this factor of 4 would make in an actual image but it would be fun to compare. Here is an image from the ZWO website that highlights the difference in smoothness and dynamic range of the two options:

<bit_comparison copy.jpg>

Last night I took some stacks of M27 with the longest exposure being 600s. Only had a second to glance at the results but will be working on the images tonight. Nice to have your image as a reference. I did notice some color difference in the center of the nebula with what seemed to be some gold tones but overall similar to your image in the above link. Once I get done processing the image (After several nights) I will send you a link to see what you think?


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