Re: Imaging in the Wind

Don Anderson

Very slick John and nice pic! Love my AP900 and AP portable pier.

Don Anderson

On Wednesday, July 28, 2021, 08:50:05 a.m. MDT, John Love <wd5ikx@...> wrote:

I have found my SkyBox to be a real "game changer" since I am often imaging at windy star parties after everyone else has given up and gone to bed.  Screen tarps would reduce wind loading on the structure but the frame is quite rigid when the tarps are installed and the tied downs keep the structure anchored to the ground.  I prefer the regular tarps to block stray light as well as wind.  During a recent trip to my dark site my 6x10x6H SkyBox withstood a 53 mph wind gust and sustained winds of about 45 mph.   The next night I took this image of NGC5033 with 25 mph wind with a 10" RC @ 2000mm on my AP900. 

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