Re: New AP1100AE, startup sanity check please

Bill Long

The encoders just work. You don't need to do anything special for them. You do want to initialize the 1100 from a known park position when you first set it up. But other than that just connect the mount up and use it. APCC is great, spend some time with the modeling software in it. 

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Excited my AP1100 due Wednesday, trying to read through all the documentation.  It's a little hard to sort through old vs new vs no longer true, I wonder if I could ask for a sanity check.  This is for imaging, no keypad, and a portable setup. 

The CP4 will connect first via USB via the FTDI driver, from where I can configure ethernet (or Wifi, in my case to turn off). 

Afterwards the application connection will go (Ascom 6.5SP1 assumed): 

CP4 -> APCC -> (Virtual ports) -> Ascom V2 -> third party software as needed

APCC Pro now contains the AE stuff so the variously mentioned standalone utility is not needed. 

The manual indicates APCC is not needed you can go from the Ascom driver to the mount, but it doesn't really explain why one would do that (or not).  I'm assuming since 99% of what I read mentions APCC that one should use that in the middle. 

Where I am struggling a bit is finding where exceptions are for AE use.  My GUESS is:

- Manually placing in a park position to register a location during initialization is not needed?  It should just know?

- No PE curve is needed, and PE correction should be turned off?   Or is that magic when it sees encoders?

- Is there any special precautions to protect them, e.g. do all the clutch/gear mesh instructions related to balance apply equally? 

- Is there any check/sync/calibration needed?

Maybe there's an AE document, but I could not find one on the Technical Support page. 

Finally, there's mention of several Apple cell phone programs one can use, but I did not find any Android ones (for mount control, I found the polar align). I am not getting a handheld, but is there a mount control for a cell phone that might be useful since my computer display is in the house, not near the mount?

Some of this may become obvious when I actually start setting it up, but especially the Encoder aspect worries me, since I found so little guidance in what I have read so far. 

Corrections and pointers welcomed.

Oh... and is there an estimate of how long the weather stays bad after one receives a new mount?  :) 


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