Re: New AP1100AE, startup sanity check please

Michael 'Mikey' Mangieri

I do the same, but I use an iPad as the iPhone screen is just too small. However, I have noticed that trying to slew the mount in this way can be tricky as the buttons sometimes don't respond unless you click and then drag the mouse pointer a bit.

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Jeff wrote:

. I am not getting a handheld, but is there a mount control for a cell phone that might be useful since my computer display is in the house, not near the mount?
I run the Remote Desktop client on my phone when I need to do something with the mount outside away from the computer. For example polar alignment — I use sharpcap and need to see the “off by” numbers outside at the mount. So I just use RDClient and zoom in on that portion of the UI.
I've used that, as well as the Real VNC app on my cell, but the APCC screen as well as programs like NINA are not very optimized for tiny screens. If Covid ever wanes fully, I expect at some point to do some visual work with guests to view, and having a good cell phone app for manual control might be handy. Though that will always be a tiny part of what I do. Maybe I should just order a handheld if that becomes an issue. But if there was a good hand control app, I thought I would try it.



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