Re: Tool for saddle clamping

M Hambrick

I think I see a trend here. The older dovetails (DOVE15 and DOVELM2) use the brass locking pins that Chris mentioned, and they also have plain knobs without the hex head assist feature. The newer designs of dovetail plates (DOVELM162 for example) have the wide clamps instead of locking pins and they all come with knobs that have the hex head feature.

I have a DOVELM162, and normally I will only use the little jar gripper to tighten the knobs, and if necessary I will use a hex key to break the clamps loose when I take everything down. Be careful using a hex key to tighten these knobs. I have seen several posts on the forum where members said they broke the hex head loose in the clamp from overtightening.

I do like the concept of the ADM Rosette Knob Tool though. I am going to look into getting one.


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