Re: Tool for saddle clamping


I have the ADM Rosette Knob Tool, which I use with their TGAD that enables me to collimate my 6" f9 with the C14 on my tandem setup. Unfortunately, there is one knob on the TGAD that is blocked by the saddle, so I have to reach in with an adjustable wrench to turn it (which mars it up). Before I had the tool, I would turn the other knobs using the wrench and a piece of cloth wrapped around them, which gripped well enough without marring. 

Another place where AP knobs lack the hex key insert is the standard azimuth adjusters for the 900 mount, where it would be useful to have a little more leverage for finer movements. I'm still looking for one of the heavy-duty adjusters, which addressed the problem with larger knobs. The wrench/cloth technique doesn't help in that case, since it doesn't really allow for fine control.


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