Re: The Elephant Trunk Nebula in the Hubble palette

Steve Reilly

Mike you may want to look at Adam Block’s series on image processing. It’s extensive and covers a vast majority of processes and is a subscription based service backed with an active forum.




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Subject: Re: [ap-gto] The Elephant Trunk Nebula in the Hubble palette


Thanks for sharing your techniques Glen.

I wouldn't describe myself as a beginner, but my processing techniques are nowhere near as sophisticated as yours. I have been doing all of my processing using MaxIm DL Pro, but your comments along with tips I have gotten from others have me convinced that I need to investigate some of the other processing software.

Of course having the software is only the beginning. Then I have to learn how to use it. Even with MaxIm DL I have not come close to exploiting all of the capabilities that it has. It would really be great if I could find an image processing course or seminar to attend at NEAF or one of the other astronomy conferences.


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