Re: Preventing Pier Crashes


On Sat, Jul 24, 2021 at 07:43 PM, Ray Gralak wrote:
It can happen in a counterweight down position.
Can you post a few pictures from different angles of this scenario?
Ok, here the scope was at park position 1 and I've only slewed in dec.  As you can see, if I were to proceed any further vertically, the camera is hitting the pier.  You can see I've added some foam tape to that corner as this has happened before.  Perhaps I can somehow cut that corner off the pier plate.  I'd have to do the opposite corner as well as I have the same problem on the other side of the pier.

At present, I don't think there is a software solution. You might be able to first slew to park 3 before doing another slew or parking to park 1.
Sure, that would work if I'm manually controlling the scope.  I don't know a way of doing that if using SGP.  I've had SGP send the scope into the pier as well.

BTW, are you using Park 1 to fit the setup under a roll-off roof?
Yea, my roof is at a slight angle and a bit higher on the park position 1 side.  Why it's possible to close the roof while in park position 4, the clearance is very tight.  I feel much more comfortable using park position 1 as I have another inch or two clearance on that side.  Also, if the scope was to start tracking from park 1 while the roof was closed for some reason, it's the counterweight bar hitting the roof, not the scope.

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