Re: The Elephant Trunk Nebula in the Hubble palette


Hi Mike,
I am happy to share any and all of my techniques but it’s hard to give advice without knowing where you are on the learning curve. I’ll give it a shot, though.

I do all of my pre-processing and most of my processing in PixInsight. After stacking, I usually process each master image (i.e. Ha, OIII, and SII) with DynamicBackgroundExtraction. Then I will stretch the histogram with HistogramTransformation, MaskedStretch or some combination of the two. This is usually followed by a round of noise reduction with TGVDenoise and sometimes MultiscaleMedianTransformation. Then I use Starnet+ to make starless versions of each master. With the stars removed, I generally stretch the images further and enhance details with tools like LocalHistogramEqualization and HDRMultiscale Transformation. I then combine the tweaked starless masters to make an RGB image. This is refined with color saturation and color balance adjustments. When I am happy with it, I will add the stars back in using PixelMath.

is that the kind of advice you were looking for? I’m happy to talk to you about it privately, if you prefer.
Kind regards,

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