Re: Imaging in the Wind

Len Fulham

I would like to make a comment re wind barrier and effectiveness.  With a impervious barrier such as a metal fence or tarp, there can be quite high forces applied to the structure and a lot of turbulence in the air as wind rolls in behind the barrier. It is my understanding that a barrier with perforations suppresses wind and reduces the turbulence effects and lowers the forces acting on the structure. Coarsely applied, this can be seen in canvas signs which often have holes cut in them. I have seen good effects from shade cloth and fly screen used in this role.

If anyone is making a tarp based barrier for portable use it is a simple process to try the fly mesh or a fairly open shade cloth instead of a tight material like a tarp. If the purpose is mainly as a light barrier then a opaque sheet would be preferred of course.

Just another idea to make your choices harder!


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