Re: AP 105Traveler and a Daystar ATM H-Alpha filter troubles

Dale Ghent

This looks like an old University model. It’s likely that it will need new blockers and trimmers after all these years. You can send it to Daystar and they can rehab it for you. 

I took and old University model that I bought for cheap and sent it in to them. They checked the etalon and transplanted it into a Quantum PE housing with new blockers and trimmers for $2000, and included a fresh warranty. They also recharacterized the bandpass. It turned out to be 0.45Å, not the 0.5Å that it was originally labeled as.  

On Jul 22, 2021, at 20:46, CaptMax <captmax@...> wrote:

I appreciate all the help everyone, thank you. This is one of the early Daystar filters back when Del Woods built them individually himself. It has the nice German red glass ERF filter on the objective and uses 110V for the heater and filter adjustment. Here are a few pics I found online while researching my problem. I think I have a better idea now and will try again tomorrow or this weekend. I will post any progress. 

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