Re: AP 105Traveler and a Daystar ATM H-Alpha filter troubles

Dale Ghent

This, but also put a 2" IR cut filter on the front of the diagonal.

On Jul 22, 2021, at 18:34, Frost David <frosty5@...> wrote:

Yes. Its in the incorrect order from what I can see. Is it a Quantum? Quark? Cant tell from the pic.

I have a Quantum. It goes focuser > diagonal > Quantum (with a 4x Powermate attached to the endplates) > eyepiece or camera. No spacers of any kind. Reaches focus perfectly. The Powermate screws apart into two pieces, one goes on each side of the Quantum filter and attach to its endplates. One end in the focuser, one end is for eyepieces or cameras.

Or just contact Daystar. They are extremely helpful. There are diagrams somewhere on their website…I had to find them since I did the same thing the first time too. Cant find them right now, and there seem to be a bunch of broken links on their pages.


On Jul 22, 2021, at 5:02 PM, CaptMax <captmax@...> wrote:

I am struggling to get a Daystar H-Alpha filter working with my 105 Traveler. The problem is bringing it in focus. I am using the ERF red glass filter with this as well. Pretty sure it is due to incorrect focal length or the fact that it needs to be operated at an f30. Has anyone had experience playing with one of these on a Traveler? Any insight is greatly appreciated, thank-you for any and all replies.
CaptMax <BD1D6E0B-912F-410D-8A31-72BA958433DD.jpeg>

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