Re: AP1100 coming, least hassle plate solver?

Dale Ghent

On Jul 21, 2021, at 13:02, wrote:

If you have TSX already (didn't you have a Paramount before?) then you can use TSX's ImageLink for solving. Presumably you still have that installed or can reinstall it. The only thing you'll need to do is run TSX once as Admin so it can install the ActiveX controls that APPM uses to talk to it. Then it's smooth sailing from there.
Well, depends on if I sell the MyT first. Working on it, so... trying not to count on it. But yes, if it's just a week or three, I'd just wait so as not to use something new.

But hopefully 1.9 will be out before you get your 1100 and you won't have to resort to that.
Since it's supposed to ship any moment I hesitate to hope for that as it might have the wrong implication. 😊
Well, like I said before, you have a lot on your hands to get through as a first-time AP mount owner before you get to the point where you're creating models. I would not worry about it. APCC has been out for almost(?) a decade and I didn't bother with models until a year ago. I wish I hadn't waited for so long to do that, but not making them when you've got other things about the mount to learn and get down isn't going to kill you, either ;)

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