Re: Off Topic-NUC Computer

Dale Ghent

On Jul 14, 2021, at 14:43, Mark Striebeck <> wrote:

Agreed on that one. I had way too many instances where something works perfectly at home and then not at all in the field - and all you need is to download something...

I actually use an ethernet switch and a separate access point to connect to our wifi (plus static IP addresses). At home, I can connect through the wifi. In the field, I connect my laptop via ethernet to the switch and everything works exactly the same. One thing I had to remember is to turn off wifi on the NUC's just to make sure that all connection is only through ethernet.
No need to use a switch in the field unless you, for some reason, have multiple systems remoting into your imaging NUC.

No need to turn off wifi on the NUC, either. Just make sure its list of known networks is limited to the one(s) you really want it to auto-connect to (such as the one back at home) and it won't auto-connect to any others.

The lack of wireless ad-hoc support in Windows 10 makes the whole remote-desktop-when-in-the-field thing tricky for sure. If you're lucky, you're at a site with club/public wifi that you can use. If not, you're on your own. Most people use small, low-power wifi routers to get around this. I use Windows' Mobile Hotspot feature.

The wifi on my NUC is dual band 2.4/5 GHz. I have Mobile Hotspot set up to both use /and/ share the wifi interface. The NUC is configured to auto-connect to my iPhone's mobile hotspot and it does so on the 2.4GHz band. It then shares that connection - acts as a gateway - out the same wifi interface but on the 5GHz band on its own wifi SSID. My laptop/iPad then connect to the NUC over that wifi network. In this case, the NUC is also the DHCP server.

No switches or mini-router that can be forgotten, fail on their own, or leech power off a battery pack. No extra ethernet cable snaking around the campsite or whatever, acting as a trip hazard. Another upside is both the imaging NUC and your laptop/iPad/whatever you use to remote into it with can have internet access via your phone's mobile hotspot if you wanted to switch that on.

It's a daring configuration so, if you're going to try this, of course make sure you get it set and working in an environment where you're not in a rush to image and can get a console on the box if you need to fix a setting. It's *very* important for the obvious reasons to turn the Power Saving option OFF (its default is ON.)

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