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Roland Christen

You can use anywhere from 12.5 to 18 volts on the 1100 mount. So if you have a variable voltage supply, dial it in to about 14.5 volts. It will work at up to 24 volts but will get quite hot, so it's not recommended. The controller will not get fried unless you exceed about 28 volts on the input. Best to stay below 18 for long term health.


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I have an AP1100 on the way.  Any moment now. 

I plan to use it in my back yard mostly, where AC power is available, but occasionally take it to a dark site with batteries.  I redid my batteries and wiring in prep, switching to powerpoles, and now have two set up, and the tripod has two 12V inputs; at home I will use two linear power supplies, and in the field two batteries on the same inputs; nice short wires, 10, 12 and 14AWG (in different parts). 

In recent notes I see indications that higher voltages are better (though that was a Mach 2).  I also recall George suggesting a dedicated power supply that is variable.  The manual says do not exceed 16v, and recommends higher for colder and heavier loads, which I will not have (50# or so max, S. Florida temps). 

Honestly I do not much care about faster slew speed, I just want reliability and stability. 

So my question is kind of a two-for: 

What voltage should I dial in on the adjustable power supply I am getting when using AC power?  Just normal batter voltage (let's say 13v)?

And depending on that answer, is there any point in my including a buck converter to get a bit more voltage from the battery scenario for occasional use?   (It's a group 24 deep cycle marine; it's plenty large that I should not even get to half capacity in a long winter night, so it should stay over 12.3v or so).

And yes, this is a minor detail but I have to DO SOMETHING while I wait.  :) 


Roland Christen

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