Re: [Keypad-V5] [ap-gto] 1800 Slew Speed with Mach2GTO, CP5, V5 hand controller, APCC-PRO

Eric Weiner

And when I initialized from the hand controller just now (no power cycle because I didn’t initialize from APCC for those photos) I got the option for 1800 Slew but only 1200 button on the hand controller. See attached shot video. 

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In that case I’ve got a problem. 30 min ago when I initialized I had the option to select  slew 1800 and button 1200 on the the controller and using APCC-Pro. This has been the case since I received the mount. I’m only using the AP supplies cable and power supply. Just now when I initialized I’m only given the option to select 1200 for slew and button. I confirmed >24V with the online meter and a Fluke. Please see photos. Suggestions?


On Jul 13, 2021, at 18:45, Eric Weiner <weinere@...> wrote:

Slew and Button or just Slew? I only get to select slew at 1800 at 24V. Button is limited to 1200. 

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18-24V will give you 1800x

12-17V will give you 1200x



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I really should proof read what I type before I hit send.  Atrocious.  


This is likely just my misunderstanding of how the slew rates work.  There is a Slew Rate setting in both APCC and the Hand controller which allows a setting of 1800, but the button rates for both are limited to 1200 (not 1600, that was my mistake in the first message).  So the more correct question is why is the button rate limited to 1200?


Sorry about the terrible typing and presentation of my first question.




Marj Christen

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