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Stone, Jack G

Tidbit for those whom are interested – I asked one of our most avid users of the NUC here are his comments and I have no inclination of promoting, just sharing knowledge 😊:



Yes I actually am a fan of NUCs. :) Is there any particular question/concern/confusion about NUCs that you want me to address? I didn’t go through the whole thread in detail. In general NUCs or generally any ultra small form factor machines, including Mac Mini, are great for “headless” kind of usage i.e. most of the time you don’t need to operate it directly. The other potentially useful news to you is that there are now “bigger” NUCs, still relatively small, that can be configured as very powerful machines. Check this one out: link, and if you like it, wait a bit longer for the Tiger Lake version to come out soon, which will be even more powerful …


Jack ~

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