Re: Computer max ambient temperature

John Jennings


Actually, with a 40 watt light bulb and the NUC or Beelink computer turned on, the scope air pocket rarely gets over 60% humidity even during a rainstorm. I have a lightweight solar cover and a Telegizmos cover on top that with a good pocket of airspace. Everything is kept nice and dry. I actually kept my C14 HyperStar/AP1200 out on the patio for 3 years like that and never had on case of water or high humidity. The key is multiple covers with air pockets. Also, if one cover gets a tear, there's still no leakage.

But the automated humidity control would be really nice. In Texas, the only thing that's an issue is hail. Not nice on expensive cameras or telescopes. The carbon fiber scope tube and camera hood on my modified C14 just laughs off hail. But thats not the case on the nice AP refractors or cameras. They require an additional hail cover. As you can see, I'm don't tear my scopes down often.


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