Re: USB 2 VS USB3 problems solved

Mike Dodd

On 7/13/2021 12:01 PM, Eric Weiner wrote:
Howdy Mike,

I also use the 3104. I’ve only had it for a little while, but I can tell
you they do run quite warm. The Rex more than the Lex (it draws more
current). I haven’t had them through a winter yet but I imagine it would
need to be quite cold to get them down to 0°.
Thanks, Eric; that's kind of what I expected at USB 3 speeds.
I can measure the Rex
ambient temperature under load if you like.
No, thanks; I'll go with my gut feeling.

Don’t pay $1k. Keep your eye on eBay. I got my set new in a sealed ICRON
box for half that.
Hmmm.... I found only one 3104 on eBay today, and it was $999.

Need to keep searching, I suppose.

--- Mike

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