Re: USB 2 VS USB3 problems solved

Mike Dodd

On Tue, Jul 6, 2021 at 01:34 AM, <jimwc@...> wrote:
...the ICRON Raven 3104 solved my problems. I am sure there is other brands but I can not vouch for them.
Hi, Jim. I'm considering the Raven 3104 because it appears that one of my active (powered) USB 3 extenders is not working correctly (MaxIm sometimes hangs while reading the guide camera).

One thing that bothers me about the Raven 3104 is the minimum operating temperature spec of 0C.  Do you have any experience with yours at cold temps? Do the two boxes get warm during operation, so that cold ambient temperature isn't an issue? I have an Icron Ranger 2304 USB 2 extender with the same spec, and it has worked fine below 0C, so maybe I'm worrying needlessly. OTOH $1,000 is a lot for a USB 3 extender. For that price I could buy a NUC (but I'd rather not).

Thanks for any info on the Raven 3104.

--- Mike

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