Re: Off Topic-NUC Computer

Frank Widmann

I have a side by side configuration mounted on an AP 1600 and the two main scopes each have a piggyback scope. All scopes have cameras and electronic focusers and there are two filter wheels. I have two USB 3.0 cables running through the mount and connected to two Startech 7-port hubs that work flawlessly. At the other end the USB cables connect to a fanless Kingdel mini computer in a waterproof cabinet near the pier. The Kingdel has serial ports, and I use one to connect a cable to the RS 232 port on the GTOCP4. I have a field monitor, keypad and mouse in the cabinet, but I normally run the Kingdel headless using Remote Desktop. Even my control and image processing computers are NUCs or mini computers. I have three 12 volt power lines running through the mount. One is on its own power supply and feeds the dew controller. Two go to Rigrunner 8-port power distribution units and are connected to a regulated power supply. The mount has its own power supply. All the power supplies are in the cabinet and main power is controlled by a Digital Loggers wireless switching unit also in the cabinet. I also built a USB controlled relay box installed on the mount to turn older devices like Apogee cameras on and off so they can be discovered. This approach allows for very short wire runs to the equipment and eliminates snagging. The through the mount cabling is simple and easy to manage, and connections to stationary devices like the mount controller and the monitor stay off the rotating system.


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