Re: Computer max ambient temperature

Joe Zeglinski

Hi John,
    No need to “WASTE ... power and computer lifetime” keeping your computers and heater running, as well as having to  keep track of “humidity readings” yourself.
    Have a look in this group’s   AP-GTO Files section, for my home-made DIY controller -
 An - Un-Dewer - Keeping Dome and Scope Dry.pdf   Update... with The UN-DEWER Parts List and Construction Diagram
    Even without an observatory shelter, I have it automated to heat the AP-1200 & RC-14 scope “trapped air pocket” to prevent dewing,  under my very light, (almost parachute weight)  nylon TARP,  constantly dry, at my RH% level,  dial-set humidity percentage – in all seasons and weather – operating entirely unattended. Even strong gusts of wind, flapping the tarp’s skirt, losing some air, doesn’t affect it for long. It quickly recovers.
    Just choose a “suitable” heating device ...  such as  my 900 watt “LITTLE BUDDY”,  car & truck cab heater/blower, which can handle western Canada cold  for long haul truckers ... you even use a simple “incandescent”  lamp bank/bathroom fixture.
I just flip the controller’s power switch off, during any observing sessions.


    Zerostart 2600900 Interior Car Warmer Compact Plug-in Electric Portable Heater, 3,000 BTU | 120 Volts | 900 Watts

    Mine has now been been providing CYCLIC  heating to dispel “potential dew” back into the surrounding air,  24/7/365 since January, 2013 – under direct sun & in severe storms,  in summer heat and northern winters.
Only had to replace the “cab-heater” device, once, due to a dead fan, in all those 8 years.
Joe Z.

From: John Jennings
Sent: Monday, July 12, 2021 11:45 AM
Subject: Re: [ap-gto] Computer max ambient temperature
I have several telescopes with different mini pc's attached that stay outside in the weather under multiple layer covers 24x7x365. I pretty much leave the computers running 24x7 during the cold and wet winters, but during the summer I generally shut everything down during the day as ambient temps get over 100 degrees in Allen Texas. I use dedicated Intel NUC and Beelink mini PC's attached to each telescope. I've been doing this for 2 years now with no issues whatsoever.
 I do watch the humidity and keep the computers running and a 40 watt droplight under the covers to control the humidity during rainy or humid weather.
     I use the Pegasus Ultimate V2 to monitor the environment. I have an AP155, AP130 and Mewlon 300 on AP mounts outside. I've kept remote telescopes in the deserts for years and have become pretty amazed of how rugged good systems can be.

I use Core Temp to monitor the CPU core temps on the mini PCs. It is an awesome freeware program that can send alerts and even shut down the PC as defined by the user. I've had my cores reach 190 degrees without any issues. I don't normally run the computers that hot. The program generally shows that my intel processors have a max core temp limit of 221F degrees.  Core Temp is a really neat tool.


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