Re: OT - anyone at this total solar in 1991

Harley Davidson

Don't blame you Kent.


On 7/12/2021 2:00 AM, Kent Kirkley via wrote:
I was on the beach in Cabo with my family. I had searched the area for a good location but
found the beach in front of our condo the best. I dragged a 4x8 ft. sheet of plywood from a nearby
construction site to sit my equipment on. I had a small portable equatorial mount which I polar aligned
an hour or so before dawn. It was next to a palapa that I could use to get out of the sun when needed.
A couple hours before totality a 'scientific' group arrived and said they needed my spot and I had to move.
NFW! I refused and it was a great eclipse.
Kent Kirkley

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I too was at the El Presidente.  I actually saw myself in some of the videos posted for San Jose del Cabo!  Thirty years ago indeed!  What a lifetime memory!


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