Re: Computer max ambient temperature

Ambient temperature is relevant but ambient tolerance will vary widely depending on the computer design and airflow over it.  The better measure is to find out how to read its internal temperatures (it may have many), find out their design limits, subtract 10C or so, and then watch at what ambient you get there as ambient rises.  That will give you a much better feel for ambient limits.


A well designed computer with good cooling could easily tolerate 20-30C higher ambient than a mediocre design with lots of dust inside and poor airflow in general.


Lots of programs (example HWINFO64 on windows) will search out and report sensors inside the computer.  Google the particular chip and motherboard to find reasonable limits.  And it’s often not the CPU that is the critical factor, since those often slow down if they over heat, it’s sometimes I/O or memory related sensors, or (unlikely in Astro but) also GPU.


Laptops are often the worst performers, as they are designed to be razor thin and have lousy airflow.  Fanless units are nice and quiet but obviously not as resilient as ambient rises.

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