Re: APCC Pro appears to have crashed and all settings reverted back to factory settings #APCC

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Chris,
    You should at least run Win-10-> Admin Tools-> Windows Memory Diagnostic, and not just the default quick 2 minute one, but specify several more passes, run all day if necessary, according to your time or preference. In an 8-GB system,  just takes one of the two memory modules to suddenly become inaccessible.
    I’m not an an expert, but experienced some very difficult issues recently, with my M2 slot type,  SSD.
    That other culprit is any M2-interfaced  SSD drive’s operating temperature. They run much hotter, especially SAMSUNG’s,  than the average standard SATA interfaced hard drive  bay replacement SSD, and their temperatures can quickly & easily hit 65 C or more.
    I think 75C is their DRAM’s,  NAND gates protective shutdown, for any M2 type, so maybe its final stage protection is to shut down the PC rather than just the M2-SSD. They normally “throttle” their own drive access speed, gradually,  as their temperature rises. Maybe the final critical temps cause a full “system protective” shutdown. If that happened and it was the main storage C-Drive, then there would be a shutdown as the final throttle stage. However, since your “dedicated imaging drive”,  is a secondary storage M2, a total system crash “may not” happen.
   I had that problem this past January, on my ASUS motherboard’s M2 slot,  when I attached a new  2-TB, “SAMSUNG 970 EVO PLUS (M2) SSD” main drive (with its passive heat sink), until I placed a dedicated 4” fan, blowing directly on it, inside my desktop case. Even a Gaming type laptop, with some cooler running  M2-SSD’s,  would crash quicker, due to  small fan(s) in a confined space.  However, less powerful one’s like WD versions, run somewhat cooler, even in a laptop.
    Just speculating.
Joe Z.

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