Re: APCC Pro appears to have crashed and all settings reverted back to factory settings #APCC

Chris White

On Sun, Jul 11, 2021 at 08:09 AM, Dale Ghent wrote:
The answer to what happened is at the bottom of your 2nd log file:
Thank you Dale.  Appreciate the quick help.

As to why I ran out of memory... thats a good question.  I have 8GB on this PC which should be more than enough.  Never had this problem before.  I've also still got several GB free of hard drive space, and all captures are sent to a secondary M2 drive. 

As to your suggestion about looking into Windows Event Logs.... I'm not really sure where to start. 

As to my question about being able to recover my old settings, I was able to do that with an auto backup that APCC made sometime yesterday evening.  This part is a HUGE relief.  Whew.

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