Re: PEMPro v.3.0031

Ray Gralak

Hi Curtis,

It's hard to say given you don't say exactly what happened just before the issue started, but it sounds like a USB issue of some sort (e.g. camera not responding). You might want to try checking the connection to the camera as well as rebooting your computer. Also, make sure only one application is tcommunicating with the camera (PEMPro or the camera control program PEMPro is connected to).

Also, you should update PEMPro, as that s not the latest public version.


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I'm trying to use PEMPro's PEC function for the first time since Sep 2020. At that time, I used it successfully
numerous times. A few nights ago I successfully used the polar-alignment function. But on the PEC screen I get a
continuous spinning-wheel-of-death. This is Windows 10. If I try to do anything useful, I get a "not responding."

Where should I look for the log?

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