Re: Which Camera?

Robert Berta

I don't have either QHY or ZWO but do have an ATIK camera also. They are made in Portugal and of very high quality. ATIK is located in the UK. The one I have is their OSC camera 490EX which is a round body CCD camera that works very well with my 11" SCT and Hyperstar. For all of my regular imaging through my 152mm and 80mm APO refractors I am still using my SBIG STL-6303e mono camera for RGBL and Ha, SII, OIII narrow band filters. ATIK has several models including a full frame CMOS camera mentioned in the above posts.  Many friends have both QHY and ZWO seems that the ZWO are a bit better debugged and perhaps more durable. The older (around 2010) QHY cameras my friends had seemed to have electronics that ran very hot....not sure if that is an issue still.

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