Re: Which Camera?

michael mccann

Anybody have usb, Ethernet cable sources for low temp environments, -10F and below?

On Jul 6, 2021, at 10:04 AM, jimwc@... wrote:

Sorry for all the duplicate posts I thought they got lost somewhere.

USB connectors are fine if you don't plug and unplug them a lot, hence the hub
or ethernet converter.

I mount my 3104 REX and focuser controller on the dovetail plate. 
this gives me one power cable and one USB up and one Ethernet cable down. 
this will change when I get my Mach2.

the 3104 REX takes the place of a 4 port hub, if needed a hub can be used to add more ports.
try to find a computer with a serial port. 
I agree a NUC is the ultimate 

I get my Ethernet cables at


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