To guide or not, that is the question


A question for those of you more experienced with AE mounts...

Is "classical auto guiding" required if the mount has absolute encoders, and an APPM model is created?   (I.e. auto-guiding with a guidescope, or OAG.)

Ray once told me:   "If your guide camera has to adjust the position of the mount, then your  mount, then your image is already damaged by the photons that went into the wrong pixel.  It is too late."

With the AE on the Mach2, I have not used a guidescope since receiving the mount a few months ago.   The results look great if I create and use a pointing model.   (I did notice that without a pointing model imaging closer to the horizon (iirc like under 30 degrees up) the stars are elongated.   I believe this is atmospheric refraction.

Am I missing something?   
I just find the idea of messing with the OAG (in my case) to be a) more stuff to get going/manage and b) potentially cause further image damage if something goes awry with guiding.

And if there is a need for the guide camera, what is the purpose when AE+APPM is used?

AE + APPM + Guide camera?
-- Or --
AE + APPM + no need to guide?


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