Re: Which Camera?

Christopher Erickson wrote:


>>> All flat cables still have twisted pairs inside. USB specification.


Has anyone cut open a ZWO cable and looked?  They sure do not feel to the hand like there is room to twist the pairs, but really tiny wires maybe…


But I think the bigger issue is there appears to be no reliable certification or other source of “these cables are good” and “these not so much”. 


I’ve bought a huge collection of amazon cables, for example, and tossed quite a few (even more cheap hubs). To me it’s basically one-strike-and-you-are-out, because time is more important than the cost of the cable.  I have not had a ZWO flat cable fail – but I also do not use them, they just look inadequate.  Unfair assumption perhaps.


But once I find one that works well, I buy some more of them.  Same applies especially to USB C cables, also hard to find reliable ones.


So for me it’s survival of the fittest cable.  Not a real reliable technique, except over decades, by which time they change.


Someone mentioned, I think the word was “consumer”… but I’ve also not seen clear indication that paying a lot more from specialty vendors results in better cables (though for hubs I think moreso it does). I’d love a source of hyper-reliable USB cables in various flavors and lengths even if it cost 3-4x Amazon.  Mostly I just see ones that cost 3-4x, no real reputation of that much better (well, other than their own marketing).


When USB C came out there were some independent testing – I think one Google engineer was doing it?   Kind of dried up.  Does anyone know of any independent testing of cables still happening?



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