Meridian Limits files #APCC

Joseph Beyer

I need to remap the meridian limits to accommodate new equipment.  The documentation for APCC-Pro states the Default.mlm file will be the currently loaded file, which I interpret as every time APCC is started the Default.mlm will be loaded automatically for the current session.  If I create a .mlm file for each telescope/camera combination I have I'm assuming then that if I change equipment between imaging sessions I will need to open the meridian limits tab and manually load the profile for that specific equipment.  Then after shutting things down the next time APCC-Pro is started up the Default.mlm will be loaded again.  Or will APCC always load the last profile used?

Given the former the most commonly used profile should be named "Default" and less used profiles can be names to reflect the specific equipment.  Correct?


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