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I’ll echo the cable issue, which is fixable , imo.
As for the ZWO driver issue.. if I read the thread correctly, ZWO was working on a fix for the driver problem.

As mentioned previously I’ve been using a QHY268M for a couple months now.
(I’m also using a ZWO ASI174MC on the same computer, and a QHY Polemaster.)

Initially it was nothing but corrupted downloads with the QHY268M. Then I realized I was totally exceeding the 3 meter USB3 limit.

The cable that ships with the QHY268M is so-so ok.. it worked IF it was only used to connect direct to the computer. Hub was a no-go. I replaced it. I’m connecting to a hub (UPBv2), then to the Mach2 USB port then to the computer mounted on the pier so I can use a 1 foot cable to the mount.
Total length on USB is about 6 feet.
Finding good cables is a bit difficult. Ppl on ap-ug / ap-gto have mentioned L-Com cables are very good and work with these cameras; I’m using random USB3 cables from Amazon and a local computer store , and they are hit-or-miss tho I have a combo that seems to work. That said, I might get some “right angle” cables from L-Com.

As a side note , I’m using the Ascom driver with SGP. Btw I’m powering the camera (and other 12v accessories) with a Yeti 1500x “solar generator” battery power supply which has a regulated 30A 12v output.

I’ve also had no problems with the QHY filter wheel. My only complaint is the RJ45 power/command port and cable is a bit difficult to remove but I think I’ve got the hang of it.


On Jul 3, 2021, at 7:06 PM, Mike Dodd <> wrote:

On 7/3/2021 9:24 PM, Cheng-Yang Tan via wrote:
I was just about to pull the trigger on the ASI2600 after reading these
posts about QHY268 connection problems. Well, the ASI2600 has the same
I read the thread, and found a several interesting points, but no one mentioned all three together, so it sounds like kit-and-miss to me. I have no idea about the poster who mentioned powering the camera from 12 volts.

I have an ASI-1600MC Pro, recently had a problem with MaxIm not downloading an image -- it just hung up.

The three CN points mentioned:

* USB speed set to minimum of 40
* USB 2 vs USB 3 cable
* ZWO native driver vs. ASCOM

In my setup, I use the ASCOM driver and a USB 3.0 cable at the end of a 15-foot powered USB 3.0 extender. This has worked perfectly for a long time. Then I added an ASI-120M guide camera with another powered USB 3.0 extender, and the ASCOM driver.

Somehow I must have screwed-up the '1600 main camera settings, because that's when I experienced the download problem. I went into the ASCOM driver properties and, sure enough, the USB speed was set mid-range, not at 40. When I set it to 40, the '1600 worked perfectly again.

So, summary;

* USB 3.0 cable
* ASCOM driver
* USB speed set to 40

Hope this helps, at least a bit.

--- Mike

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