Re: Which Camera?

Benoit Schillings

I do have a ZWO 6200, a beautiful camera with extremely clean data
straight out of the camera.

I had one failure where the camera just stopped connecting/working,
but ZWO repaired and sent back without problems. Not totally clear
what the issue was.

-- benoit

On Fri, Jul 2, 2021 at 7:57 AM deonb <> wrote:

I had a QHY600M-Pro Lite last year and returned it for a ZWO ASI6200MM.

I love the idea of the QHY600 and the quality was amazing, but the software on the QHY600 was just too finicky for me. The camera is very sensitive to startup order between power to the camera, the USB plug on the camera, and the device that it's plugged into. I could never just "reboot/power cycle" my entire observatory remotely - each time I did that, I had to go back out, unplug the QHY600 then plug everything back in in a specific order (which I forget now what that order was). Made sure I had the latest Firmware & Drivers loaded, tried multiple PC's, cables etc. - always had this problem. This was in December of last year.

I switched to the ASI6200 and it immediately just "worked" and it connects every time.

Such a pity - all my connectivity into and around my observatory is fiber, so would have loved a fiber camera, but I just couldn't deal with the finickiness of the QHY camera/driver.

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